Dec 31, 2010

the Book of ELY [!]

new book by
Esma Berikishvili --
ELY - smART GROUPware:
"Eurasian Laboratory": Poetry, Prose, Music and Politics in Georgia

description of book:
<The artistic wonderland of Georgia - full of passion, breeze of Chernobyl, five floors Khrushovka's, professor grandfathers and drug addict fathers, black sea and mains of Chiatura, beautiful girls and boys, abandoned industrial buildings and dreams about Georgian Cosmonavtica - seen through theoretical prism. The book takes you to the world of Georgian artists who in their twenties experienced war, fear, darkness, cold, drug addiction, alcoholism, three unsuccessful attempts to build the state and consequently became abhorrent enough to "dance on the ruins". Follow the book and let new artistic viruses in.>

published by VDM Publishing house

You can order book here:


the book will introduce to you the brief history of Georgian cultural field and state ideology, 80-90s underground art and contemporary art-practice by smART-GROUPware ELY -- through the prism of Bourdieu's field theory and Cohen's theory of Symbolic communities.

any1 interested in topics like Sociology, Social Anthropology, Contemporary Art, Ontological Anarchism, Post Soviet Cultures, Contemporary Georgian Culture,DIY Cosmonautics, Second Hand Techno, Third World.. 
and share your thought with us

Nov 9, 2010

Kung Fu Junkie Up-Coming Performances for November 2010

SOKOMUZIKA calls for Party!


21:30. 13th November. 2010.
Kung Fu Junkie performs @Pur-Pur

facebook event: KFJ @ Pur-Pur


November 20.
Kung Fu Junkie @ Contemporary Electronic Music and Visual Art Festival - "Second Life 2010"
Chiatura, Georgia.

facebook event: Second Life 2010

Check for Kung Fu Junkie

Dance or Die!

Nov 2, 2010

R'Lyeh Warriors in action

Kutaisi. Georgia.
"R'Lyeh" -- the Club of the Archaic Games.
project by Igroig.

Read more about the club of the Archaic games here : R'Lyeh

Oct 4, 2010

futurenaut dila: some photos and video

Video projection at the doors of our "Center of Body Sharing".
synthesis of -- VHS glitches, "sect" semantics and third-world-english.
text by - Next.
video by - Temo Ezugbaia [On-Off Project]

some photos by another "candidate body" - Erekle Sologashvili.

You can see the Gallery of Candidate Futurenauts here:

certificate of Futurenaut with individual registrating number was given to each candidate, who decide to share her/his body:

Sep 29, 2010

Futurenaut 3.0. ELY-ens at Artisterium 2010

ARTISTERIUM 2010 - "Imagine the Future".
3rd Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events. October 2-10, 2010.

ELY-en Next participates at Artisterium 2010, with a project called "FUTURENAUT 3.0".

project Futurenaut is a symbolic, interactive exploration in the fields of Digital immortality and Body[gene] sharing and containts 2 main actions:

1. constructing "false" personality, which never existed. making the memories, dreams, aims and ideas of New Personality, called DILA as a multimedia data for novel character. Uploading the data to preserve it Forever, or to the nearest Future through the Internet.
2. Searching the Body, Flesh [genome] for created Person, through the Live Process at Artisterium 2010.
" — 23 empty flasks and tubes for saving bio-materials for the future body of Dila. people will be asked and be free to share their saliva, sperm and blood within the exhibition of Dila’s deconstructed consciousness. futuristic bio-altruism for artificial, written mind-file."

for general concept please check the web-site:

Participate, SHARE your flesh, preserve your body,
collaborate with Unknown Consciousness
Now and in the Future,become FUTURENAUT
and get a Certificate!

17:00 – Imagine the Future, Artisterium 2010, opening, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi History Museum Karvasla;

Jul 15, 2010

short list of ELY activities from July till October, 2010

July 2225, 2010, Tbilisi, Georgia
A project by Joanna Warsza

Vicki Lee and Next of ELY present muSick-performance by Accidental Lover Boyz

"Any cybernetic System with a program of “Free will” inside of it – is a STRATEGY.
Sokomuzika is a system. Accidental Lover Boyz is a free will. The Sound is a STRATEGY.
Any building is an organism. Organism that uses free will as a battery for it's own existence is an
Join our battery Sound inside the dying organism on the 23d day of the month."



ELY will present pop-electronic performance by Kung Fu Junkie

Kung Fu Junkie was nominated as the Best Group of the Batumi International Rock Fest New Wave 2009


ELY presents DREAM WEEK in the end of the September, 2010
Opening of the Dream Database, Dream Map and dream artworks of the City
and other happenings.
detailed information will come soon.


for the
International Art-Festival "ARTISTERIUM 2010: Imageine the Future"
at 2-3 of October, 2010
Next Dreamhacker of ELY presents
project "Futurenaut 3.0"

[web-site coming soon]

"The Future is an unstable chaotic system, the vast territory of unknown and the great subject for study and hacking.

Project “Futurenaut 3.0” is dedicated to futuristic exploration of possibilities of affecting nonmaterial future using nonmaterial[digital] tools within art process.

If I can use an internet as a digital time machine, then –

Can I affect the future through the internet? Can I send the wrong data, manipulate with concrete possibilities of my present activity?

Is it possible to make a hypothetically alive organism as an art project, which can be fully completed and presented ONLY in the future, where it couldn’t be an art project at all?

Her name is Dila. She was born in the Future. She is a Futurenaut version 3.0"

Jun 30, 2010

ALB performs at "Words" Exhibition

Re-Post from SOKOmusick:

Tomorrow, 1 of july, 2010.
at the museum of Literature.
digital orchestra "Accidental Lover Boyz" performs at exhibition "Words"
organised by CGCCA.
ხვალ პირველ ივლისს,ლიტერატურის მუზეუმში
CGCCA-ს მიერ ორგანიზებულ გამოფენა "Words"-ის ფარგლებში
დაუკრავს პროექტი "Accidental Lover Boyz"

"You can't take words into space"

May 27, 2010

Irakli Shonia - Noises and Overloads [2010]

new SOKOMUZIKA release:

meet Irakli Shonia, young artist, from Batumi, west-side, Georgia.

release is full of Eurasian overloads.
you'll swim through the sea of a tv noise, walknig through the industrial silence of the small city.

Sokomuzika feels happy to present
sweet brainwaves and deep sound from Irakli Shonia.

one track for tasting:

Feel FREE to download,
feel FREE to share.

May 25, 2010

Dream registration in Tbilisi. may 23- september 23

ELY calls for CitiZen Dreamers

WWDW [World Wide Dream Web] is art research in the fields of psychogeography and dreams.

1. cities are living organisms, pixels on the map of the planet, so the roads and buildings, people and dreams are the cells of this 'organism'.we want to know all the dreams and nightmares of your city, we want to tell this dreams to everyone.

2. we think that the Art of Dream Sharing is a lost art. dreams are gift, Open source bio-internet with the free access and amazing possibilities, we think that the low role of dreams in ones life is a cultural bug.
we want to bring the dreams back to the life.

Dream Registration

creating online surveys, temporary street theaters, meetings and seminars - our goal is to make world wide art archive of current dreams of the cities.

through the nonstop local dream registrations
we are migrating from city to city
collecting current dreams of people.

the final step of local dream registration processes is
the analysis of local city's current dream archive, and based on this information the making of city's Dream Map and Dream Exhibition working with local artists, musicians, programmers etc.

Dream Potlatch

the team of WWDW dream workers try to practice Dream Potlatch.
to every new city - we bring the dreams of the previous city as a free gift.


Dream Registration started at 23 of may
in Tbilisi, Georgia
temporary home:

[English version, FAQ and dreamBlog will come soon]

page on facebook:

May 23, 2010


Saturday, May 29, 2010
8:00am - 12:00pm
Vakis Parki, 33a
Tbilisi, Georgia

dance or die!

Apr 22, 2010

the Club of the Archaic Games - the city in the city

the Club of the Archaic Games "R'Lyeh" is a social experiment+ art project + small,private business :]]
by ELYen Igroig Giorgi [MkUltra], based in Kutaisi, west Georgia.

R'lyeh is TAZ[temporary autonomous zone] of Gaming for the little children,
full of spirit of really old PCs and old classic PC games such as Doom II, Diablo, Mortal Combat, Alien Trilogy etc.
The club is an experimental learning space for his owner - Igroig, who calls it - "the city".

in the beggining of the project he wrote
where he made clear the reasons of the "city", main goals and how he sees the process of existence of the city.

we will visit R'lyeh soon and show you the city from the inside + interview with it's constructor.

Apr 19, 2010

Psychonaut ELY at Electronauts 09

ELY's pop-gun, flying circus of SokoMuZikA ,

performed their new track "Sci-Fi" [from upcoming album]
at Electronauts-09 [Georgian electronic, inovvative muSick awards]

check some photos,
video will come soon.

special thanx to:
Temo Ezugbaia
for making a background video for this performance.

Tbilisi Kung Fu School Masters
for their martial arts performance in live.

photos by: Niko Tarielashvili, Nastasia and Alexander bagrationi-Davidoff

Mar 2, 2010

Transilvania and Electronauts

ELY goes to Transilvania (Ro.)

temporary sub-part of smART group ELY is preparing for
May 2010.

ELY will make 2 performances:
1. Virtual Boidy Building [meta: body, virtuality, objects, representation, dance]
2. Call of the Rain [meta: science fiction theatre, telephone, loneliness, rain]

for more info, photos and details of our preparation period, check this page, specially made for
Romanian trip by Lado Oniani:

Transilvania, Here we goooo!!

ELY at Electronauts

soft-propaganda project of ELY -
electro-pop band Kung Fu Junkie
will perform at Electronauts [Georgian Electronic Music Awards]
16 april, 2010. "Guru" Club.

Jan 19, 2010