Dec 20, 2009

“Eurasian Laboratory”: Poetry, Prose, Music and Politics in Georgia

essey about ELY by Esma Berikishvili for Master diploma :)

“Eurasian Laboratory”: Poetry, Prose, Music and Politics in Georgia Summary:

Esma Berikishvili
Central European University
80 pgs; P. 2009
This paper examines the emergence of the ‘alternative’ culture in Georgia in 2006 and maps the
structure of the artistic field. I focus my study on artistic collaboration “Eurasian Laboratory”
and I argue, by using Anthony Cohen’s theory of symbolic construction of community, that they
create an ‘alternative’ community through art as a social activity. Using Pierre Bourdieu’s theory
of field and practice, I show how the artistic field is formed and influenced by several political
happenings in Georgia from 1917 till 2003. I expose the issue of cultural policy in order to
understand the priorities of the State in cultural field and to examine how the State apparatus by
providing the dominant symbolic system, excludes ‘alternative’ cultural forms, forms that do not
fit in State’s understanding of culture. Following this lines, I trace how artists engage in struggle
for legitimation over proper/improper modes of expression. I will also demonstrate how
“Eurasian Laboratory” with using subversive cultural forms produces an alternative space for
creating music, prose and poetry, which is free from any kind of aesthetic and political
restrictions. In addition, I analyze how Georgian context as well as external forces affects
formation of the community and art, by looking at the deeper levels of “Laboratory’s” art works.

YOU can download it HERE

 ELY is not an eurasionist. the sentence that ELY is interested in russian left eurasionism was taken from Nextdreamhacker's old blog post. we were interested in it, but we don't support any kind of rusian eurasionism or any imperial phylosophy.
we have different view on Eurasian geopolitics, we see it like multicultural space, which must overcome the totalitarian systems and bring back it's multicultural chaotick magic.

image from "samizdata net"


Dec 19, 2009

Dec 6, 2009

KFJ never on sunday everyone is a star

photos by Magda Guruli.

article about the performance
by Shota Gagarin @ Blogs of "Tskheli Shokoladi" magazine,
here. (georgian)

Dec 2, 2009

Nov 26, 2009

live set by Accidental Lover BoyZ

27 november. @ "PurPur"
SOKOmusician Paris Lee aka Baby NewZ aka Grinch re-presents the new type of his experimental project: Accidental Lover BoyZ .
come and check second hand teKno set.

for more information and photos from the event check
our SOKOMUZIKa blog.

Aug 13, 2009

"SokoMuZiKA" at Batumi NeW Wave Rock Festival 2009

Posted from SOKOMUZIKA blog:

2 of SOKOMUZIKA bands was participate on BNWR Festival 2009 in Batumi, Georgia.

SOKOMUZIKA presented it's most interesting electro-experimental bands on this fest:
Spandera & komparty (electronic post punk, 16 bit)

Kung Fu Junkie (electro-pop, hip-hop, second hand techno)

Kung Fu Junkie was named as the Best band of " Batumi New Wave Rock Festival 2009"

article from 'Georgia today'; 'Batumi New Wave Festival: A complete success' (click to read it)

Spandera & KompParty

Jun 27, 2009

Bialystzuk Festival. Poland. "Prosta Injinerya"

ELY team of Ana Tabatadze and Nextdreamhacker perform their performance "Simple Engineering" in Poland, Bialystok city at "Bialystzuk kolkhida 2009" at 25 of june.

official Białysztuk "kolkhida 2009" page:,148.html

Jun 26, 2009

SokoMuzikA 2. Second Hand Techno. 30.06.2009

art-group ELY.
Sector of Audio-Visual researches.

label "SOKO" presents

Tuesday, 30 June 2009
Time: 20:00
Rock Club, rustaveli ave. # 26, Tbilisi, GE
Spandera da Kompartia, Baby Newz, Nothing FM - live @ rock club....
Dance or Die!!!

Jun 23, 2009

contemporary georgian angry Urban acoustic Folk

today in Tiflis City.
Tumanishvili Theater.

more info at SokoMuzik.

Jun 22, 2009

Secret Internet provider. Berlin. Schaubude theater

How your VIRTUAL BODY looks like?

concept: Ana Tabatadze, Nextdreamhacker (z0mb)
music: Nextdreamhacker (strange 16bit using some tibetian and classical composers)

May 31, 2009

2009.30.05. SOKOmuZik-A gig. PICS

check yesterday event pics here:

SOKOmuZIk-A blog:

May 29, 2009

2009.30.05. SOKOmuZik-A gig.

30 may.
shardeni street 1.
club "NumBar ONE"

art-group ELY and indiependent label SOKO

Second hand, Eurasian electronic event


Spandera and Kompartya

Baby NewZ




MC Cutkill

check out SOKOMUZIKA blog:

Apr 23, 2009

ELY (short discription)


project started in 23 april 2009.


1. Ana Tabatadze

2. Paris Lee

3. z0mb

4. Beska

extra artists (cardinals):

5. Igroig aka Mk-uLtra

6. Captain Mission


Art sectors:

1. sector of Audio-Visual Researches

2. sector of Social Programming

3. sector of Classical Art – Lo Tek sector

Extra Art sectors:

4. sector of Dreamhacking and Magick

5. Yellow Press sector


basic stuff:

Ana Tabatadze

age: 21

basic interests: Graphic designe. Painting-drawing-collages. Costume design. Accesories. Filming. Animation. Street art. Networking in dreams and parallel universes. Searching secrets.Hallucinations.Dreams+dreams. Bukaka the muse. Myself

ELY work: Cover design. flyers. any kind of printable material design. blogging. Performer. Installations. drawings. small videos. small indescribable objects.

other work: design of magazine “Syndrome”.


blog --



Nextdreamhacker (z0mb)

age: 23

basic interests: consciousness, dreamhacking, cybernetics, chaos theory, retro video games, any kind of experiment

ELY work: main concept. internet work. blogging. music (Urban SkyZ 5iles, Kung Fu Junkie, Next). performance. esseys etc.

other work: articles in local magazines.


personal :

Kung Fu Junkie:

Blog – “Eurasian Samizdat KinDzaDza”:

Blog – “Georgian Trash Anthology”:




Paris Lee

age: 23

basic interests: digital art, digital stratosphere, second hand techno

ELY work: music (Accidental Lover BoyZ, Parfumerie, Baby Newz, Kung Fu Junkie). drawings. performance.

future work: digital filmmaking


Baby NewZ:

Accidental Lover BoyZ:



age: 23

Basic interests: art, media, DIY, Sci-Fi, anarchy

ELY work: music (Spandera & Kompartya, Minda da Vtkhri, nothing FM). blogging. directing videos.

other work: tv journalist


Nothing FM:

Spandera da Kompartia:

blog: http://dreamsaiuz.blogs


Igroig aka MK-Ultra

age: 27 (28 from 5 june)

main interests: consciousness, body and brain manipulations, art

ELY work: internet work. blog. esseys etc.

social network software correction with aim to build an independent individual spaces. (Georgia needs a lot of work in this sphere to build a factor of individuality. and to research

new collectivity forms)

other work: school teacher


Captain Mission

Secret Councilor

Produced: 22.11.1965

basic interests: Mind control, Magick, Transmutation, Body and Mind Enhancement, Art of Dreaming

ELY work: Bloging, Programming, Investigations and etc.

Other work: Watcher


ELY done and near future activities:

Sector of Audio-Visual Research

done projects:


coming soon:

“Secret Internet Provider” (performance by TabaZomb, shaubude, Berlin)

EKO “Christian-Sorosian” (music album)

Accidental Lover BoyZ “Electroencephalography” (music album)

NoiZ music Festival (by ELY, event)

Second Hand Techno (Laboratory indiependent music event)


simple temporary scheme for "Secret Internet provider" performance

cover of music album Encephalography by Accidental Lover BoyZ

Sector of Social Programming

done projects:

fond “Another Georgia.

coming soon:

“Stalina” (comics)

new university (series of seminars and events. international project)

social network art (school project, Tbilisi-Yerevan-Baku)

relizes of foreign literature in translation (Misha Verbitsky, William Burroughs, Daniil Kharms..)

"another georgia" (temporary logo)

random experimental picture from yet unfinished comics

sector of classic art

coming soon: floppy art exhibition

Yellow Press sector

coming soon: Georgian trash Anthology