Nov 28, 2011

Chapter 3: Birth of “Eurasian Laboratory’’,its essence and aims

We decide to publish few chapters from Esma Berikishvili's book "Eurasian Laboratory:Poetry,Prose and Music in Georgia" - socio-anthropologic research about earlier activities of our smArt Groupware.
the book will introduce  you to the brief history of Georgian cultural field and state ideology, 80-90s underground art and contemporary art-practice by smART-GROUPware ELY -- through the prism of Bourdieu's field theory and Cohen's theory of Symbolic communities.
the whole pre-version of the book you can read here:

you can purchase the book here:

<The artistic wonderland of Georgia - full of passion, breeze of Chernobyl, five floors Khrushovka's, professor grandfathers and drug addict fathers, black sea and mains of Chiatura, beautiful girls and boys, abandoned industrial buildings and dreams about Georgian Cosmonavtica - seen through theoretical prism. The book takes you to the world of Georgian artists who in their twenties experienced war, fear, darkness, cold, drug addiction, alcoholism, three unsuccessful attempts to build the state and consequently became abhorrent enough to "dance on the ruins". Follow the book and let new artistic viruses in.>


Chapter 3: “Eurasian Laboratory”
In the following chapter I will discuss the emergence of “Eurasian Laboratory”. I will show how
the art collaboration was formed, the priorities and goals that they try to archive, how the
alternative” community is constructed and how it establishes the “alternative” social and
cultural space for performing without any symbolic violence. I will be looking at different
projects that “Laboratory” runs and illustrate how they produce knowledge which is an
alternative to the State discourse. I will also demonstrate the external influences on 
Laboratory’s” art and expose how this particular art group struggles for legitimation: “for the
right to monopolize the exercise of “symbolic violence” (Swartz 1997:123).

3.1 Georgian Underground in 1980-1990

Software for Reincarnation - Art of the Mind Uploading

Journal "Ckheli Shokoladi"["Hot Chocolate"] publishd an essey by ELYen Next Dila.

"App for Reincarnation or the Art of Mind Uploading"

in the article
Next Dila presented his concept  of "Futurenaut" - Transgressive, Alchemical child of altruist gene Sharing combined with constructed false data of unknown personality,
the concept was presented earrlier as a performance  at festival "Artisterium 2010 - Imagine the Future".

and as a seminar "the Art of Mind Uploading" at "Contemporary Art Centre - Tbilisi":

Lo-Tek videopresentation. text by Next, video by  Vinda Folio:

you can read about it in our earlier blogpost:

the next important topic in the article is the presentation of Next's new project.
Virtual Pantheon -- 3D chat-bots, mind-clone softwares of dead or alive writers - as a PsychoActive literature with educational purposes for girlz and boyz from Georgian ghetto schools.

also, mind-clone softwares can be used by artists as a Cut-Up machine of their own digitized unconsciousness -- which can manufacture ideas and words as if they are the same author.

plus, this softwares can be used as an interactive installations on the graves.

blog about the article by next [in Georgian]:

KFj -- Single "Yoshiwara Bitch"+perofmance @Night Office

KFJ appeared on a cover of georgian art-magazine "Tabula Art"
with a demand of Total Legalisation

+ KFj published first Single "Yoshiwara Bitch"

1) Yoshiwara Bitch
2) Yoshiwara Bitch (Extended version)
3) Yoshiwara Bitch (Instrumental)
4) In Da Yoshiwara Club
5) Go Boyz! (Bonus track)

KFJ - "DANCE 2 CHANGE" [support lesbi/bi/transgender women]

25th of november, 2011.
KFJ and Women's Fund in Georgia.
"Dance to Change".

Tv-interview + Acoustic, improvisational Version of  "Био-ROBOT"

KFJ @TabulaArt presentation [june 2011]

live videos from the event:


Jun 1, 2011


SOKOMUZIKA is happy to announce
Release by Kung Fu Junkie "Dance 2 the Light"
on Progrezo Records

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Kung Fu Junkie was formed by Earth Coincidence Control Office as a musical performance group for synthesis Pop-oriented electro music with underground theatre esthetics, space program, alternative literature etc. 

Since that time KFJ was formed as a pop-electronic circus of happy-sad chinese robots, urban shaolin monks, red lipsticks and smart drugs.

We Make Pop-Music.
We Dance to the Light.
We Dance or Die!

Progrezo Records 113 installment, comes from Tbilisi live-act band KUNG FU JUNKIE, featuring a pop-electronic precious vocal original track entitled DANCE 2 THE LIGHT, including two upfront versions from GARE MAT K, next to great remixes from VakoSolar Eclipse and The Forest.

To the ones who loves Royksopp, Zeigeist, Ladytron and Gus Gus, here you have a fresh and new sound!


- Original
- Gare Mat K Forest-Speaker Vocal Remix
- Gare Mat K Instrumental Remix
- Vako
- The Forest
- Solar Eclipse
- Porn Mix - Dance 2 The Night

Get your copy on the following link:

For more info visit:

you can listen to KFJ's other tracks here:

 Latest tracks by Kung Fu Junkie 

more about Progrezo Records here:
"Progrezo Records is one of the leading record labels especialized in avant-garde electronic music.
Established in 2006, PGZ publishes upfront releases in Vinyl, Compilation CD and Digital Download, featuring the most finest within the electronic music movement around the world, next to tomorrows best talents."

May 8, 2011

seminars and live performances for May-June 2011

at "Contemporary Art Center - Tbilisi" ]

Discussion on theme "New Art" [Bio, Transgenic..] by Next

Progrezo Records will release Single "Dance 2 the Light"[+remixes] By Kung Fu Junkie

Kung Fu Junkie will perform at Georgian Innovative Music Awards "Electronauts 2010/2011"

you can see the Line Up for Electronauts here:

the end of may - beggining of June

Kung Fu Junkie - Radio Live
Kung Fu Junkie  - acoustic concert
in the beggining of June Kung Fu Junkie will perform at the presentation of "Tabula Art" magazine and put one track "Go Boyz" on magazine's summer compilation CD.

check for Updates!

May 3, 2011

Kung Fu Junkie - the FOOL Party + New Track


KFJ performed at Wakanda club Tbilisi, Georgia
at 09.04.2011
with a FOOL party.
here are few photos, videos will come soon.

Jan 14, 2011

Parallel Culture Programming,illegal Cosmonautics and other smArt Concepts from the depths of the 2nd World

early PDF version[work for master diploma \Sociology] of new book by Esma Berikishvili:

description/introduction by Esma Berikishvili:
"This paper examines the emergence of the ‘alternative’ culture in Georgia in 2006 and maps the
structure of the artistic field. 

I focus my study on artistic collaboration “Eurasian Laboratory”
and I argue, by using Anthony Cohen’s theory of symbolic construction of community, that they
create an ‘alternative’ community through art as a social activity.Using Pierre Bourdieu’s theory
of field and practice, I show how the artistic field is formed and influenced by several political
happenings in Georgia from 1917 till 2003.

 I expose the issue of cultural policy in order to understand the priorities of the State in cultural field and to examine how the State apparatus by providing the dominant symbolic system, excludes ‘alternative’ cultural forms, forms that do not fit in State’s understanding of culture. Following this lines, I trace how artists engage in struggle for legitimation over proper/improper modes of expression.

 I will also demonstrate how “Eurasian Laboratory” with using subversive cultural forms produces an alternative space for creating music, prose and poetry, which is free from any kind of aesthetic and political restrictions. In addition, I analyze how Georgian context as well as external forces affects formation of the community and art, by looking at the deeper levels of “Laboratory’s” art works."

you can freedownload it here[link updated]:

information on book [updated] version:

"he said:
Why Underground? i'm UNDERSKY"