Mar 23, 2009

Music Bands in LABORATORY movement (2006-2008)


Accidental Lover BoyZ -- experimental, noiZ, second hand techno
Paris Lee (aka Grinch) -- composer, programming, noises, voices
invited member: z0mb (ussually on live performances) -- noise, perfromance

Spandera & Kompartya -- post-soviet punk, second hand techno.
Spandera -- vocal, songwriter, PC computer, bass
Beska -- bass

Kung Fu Junkie -- electronic pop trojan.
Paris Lee -- composer, programming, vocal
Farchilla -- composer, guitar, vocal
Anano Sikharulidze -- keyboard, vocal
MC CutKill -- mc, hip-hop
z0mb -- vocal, guitar

WHO Z FUCK IS JACK BAUER? -- funny Trash studio project
z0mb -- songwriter
beska -- jack
Avto -- bauer

Nothing FM -- electronic pop project.
Acorn Guy -- songwriter, programming, vocal, lazy asshole
Beska -- songwriter, vocal

Minda da Vtxri -- the side Alcoholic Punk project of Spandera.
Spandera -- vocal, guitar, songwriter
Beska -- bass
Ponchika -- drums

Eva -- was the Punk-Rock band, from 2006 to 2007.
first stuff::
z0mb -- guitar, songwriter, vocal
Beska -- bass
jersey -- guitar
Acorn Guy -- drums

second stuff::
z0mb -- vocal, guitar, songwriter
Natka -- guitar
Angel Gio -- Drums

the bass player was permanently unstead shit in this band after the first stuff untill the end.



Grinch aka Paris Lee -- grinch's side electronic tracks.

z0mb aka NextDreamhacker -- nothing special. just trial space for communication, other different things and demo-traks.

Other Events (2006-2008)

2006 --
+ performance and music event -- "Let's give each other some warmth and pills" (art academy)
+ poetry and music -- "underground project" (house of cinema)
+ paata shamugia and z0mb -- "Psychotronic Poetry Underground" (literature cafe)
+ "laboratory poetry presentation" -- paata shamugia, vodka boy, z0mb -- (public library)

2007 --
+ "psychogeography" by z0mb (Abu square, in the street)
+ paata shamugia "antitkaosani" -- scandal book presentation (public library)
+ seminar, performance and presentation of video "PATRICIUS" (made by z0mb) (marjanishvili theatre)
+ Accidental Lover BoyZ performance (Mouline Electrique)
+ Eva & KFJ at Frist Regional ENVIROMENTAL festival (Armenia, Yerevan)

2008 --
+ leo nafta & paata shamugia -- at Poetry festival in Batumi
+ Ana Tabatadze paintings and LABORATORY "Guerilla Pop" muZick at exhibition OFF EUROPA, Leiptzieg.
+ Vodka Boy wins the second prize at literary competition "Tsero".


Mar 11, 2009

2008. Laibach -- Art like an alternative Politics (School Seminar)

School seminar about art and politics, NSK and Laibach.
autor and organization: Mk-ULTRA (aka Igroig)
Kutaisi Front of ELY

Mar 9, 2009

performance "GEOMETRY". 2008

2008. 30 september.Goethe Institute. Tbilisi.

Sacral geometry.3D matrix. body control.
23 minutes of the gnostic ritual.

Movement: NikoloZ
Digital Live Sound: Accidental Lover BoyZ (Grinch)
Text, concept and videosymbols: z0mb (Next Dreamhacker)
camera and cut: Temo
poster: Ana Tabatadze (taba)

some videos from performance:

illegal KOSMONAVTIKA. 2008.

"illegal KOSMONAVTIKA" is a strange coctail concept by Next!
the main text of illegal KOSMONAVTIKA is here (georgian)

8 march, 2008.
Brose Square, OpenSeminar- performance

seminar by Next
poster by Ana Tabatadze

12 april, club "1001"
Seminar, live instalation, digital music, videoart, live theatre performance
poster by Ana Tabatadze (taba)
seminar -- Next Dreamhacker
music -- accidental lover boyz (mr. Grinch aka Paris Lee)
performance by psychonauts: z0mb, ana tabatadze and leo nafta.
nafta was a biorobot, taba was a COMET of WISH, test of the lost cosmonauts, and zomb was real astral disaster, destroying his favourite old soviet piano for children. :)
illegal gifts for people. gifts was made and designed by ana tabatadze.