Dec 31, 2010

the Book of ELY [!]

new book by
Esma Berikishvili --
ELY - smART GROUPware:
"Eurasian Laboratory": Poetry, Prose, Music and Politics in Georgia

description of book:
<The artistic wonderland of Georgia - full of passion, breeze of Chernobyl, five floors Khrushovka's, professor grandfathers and drug addict fathers, black sea and mains of Chiatura, beautiful girls and boys, abandoned industrial buildings and dreams about Georgian Cosmonavtica - seen through theoretical prism. The book takes you to the world of Georgian artists who in their twenties experienced war, fear, darkness, cold, drug addiction, alcoholism, three unsuccessful attempts to build the state and consequently became abhorrent enough to "dance on the ruins". Follow the book and let new artistic viruses in.>

published by VDM Publishing house

You can order book here:


the book will introduce to you the brief history of Georgian cultural field and state ideology, 80-90s underground art and contemporary art-practice by smART-GROUPware ELY -- through the prism of Bourdieu's field theory and Cohen's theory of Symbolic communities.

any1 interested in topics like Sociology, Social Anthropology, Contemporary Art, Ontological Anarchism, Post Soviet Cultures, Contemporary Georgian Culture,DIY Cosmonautics, Second Hand Techno, Third World.. 
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