May 25, 2010

Dream registration in Tbilisi. may 23- september 23

ELY calls for CitiZen Dreamers

WWDW [World Wide Dream Web] is art research in the fields of psychogeography and dreams.

1. cities are living organisms, pixels on the map of the planet, so the roads and buildings, people and dreams are the cells of this 'organism'.we want to know all the dreams and nightmares of your city, we want to tell this dreams to everyone.

2. we think that the Art of Dream Sharing is a lost art. dreams are gift, Open source bio-internet with the free access and amazing possibilities, we think that the low role of dreams in ones life is a cultural bug.
we want to bring the dreams back to the life.

Dream Registration

creating online surveys, temporary street theaters, meetings and seminars - our goal is to make world wide art archive of current dreams of the cities.

through the nonstop local dream registrations
we are migrating from city to city
collecting current dreams of people.

the final step of local dream registration processes is
the analysis of local city's current dream archive, and based on this information the making of city's Dream Map and Dream Exhibition working with local artists, musicians, programmers etc.

Dream Potlatch

the team of WWDW dream workers try to practice Dream Potlatch.
to every new city - we bring the dreams of the previous city as a free gift.


Dream Registration started at 23 of may
in Tbilisi, Georgia
temporary home:

[English version, FAQ and dreamBlog will come soon]

page on facebook:

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