Feb 24, 2009

Eurasian Tour (Tbilisi-Kutaisi-....) [2008]

tour was absolutely made by our own finances and enthusiasm. DIY tour should take place in every city of caucasus. the tour was FAILED after the second STEP in Kutaisi. the next step was planned in Batumi, but before the batumi event - bombs was dropped near us. russian-georgian war. so we decide to stop tour.

tour idea: z0mb [Next]
posters by: ana tabatadze

Eurasian Tour. Step 1: Tbilisi.
2008. 26 may [the day of indiependence of Georgia]. picturepalace "Amirani".

part one:
1. z0mb -- seminar "Destruction of Reality"
2. Leo Nafta -- poetry
3. laboratory movies (there was some technical problems, so we ould perform only 2 short-movies)
part two:
4. Nothing FM (live music performance)
5. Accidental Lover BoyZ (noiZzZzZzZ performance: Anka was playing piano, z0mb was playing with guitar effect, Grinch aka Paris Lee aka MurtaZ was making a holy rithm of nothing)
2008. 6 July. "Central Gallery".
the situation in Kutaisi was a little difficult. our friends from Kutaisi asked us to delete from our progrram the movie called "Patricius", cos' it conteins a nude scenes, so they say people is not ready for this and we could have a BIG problems. We heard that there wasn't any contemporary experimental events in Kutaisi for 10 years.

so we destory our program and this event was SPONTANOUS and very AGRESSIVE.


Feb 13, 2009

National Georgian B(u)Allet -- demo album. 2008

this demo album was completed for journal "Syndrome", the first number, dedicated to war in georgia.

cover design: Ana Tabatadze (hypehearthurt)
music: laboratory
style: eurasian pop, second hand techno, holy trash gospel

1. intro
2. move to Trash
3. Bright Sky
4. Du Bist
5. Dancing Porn Star
6. Mr. Policeman
7. the Dead Man is Me
8. Sleeping Time
9. Forever Dreams
10. Moscow
11. outro (Cybernetics)

Feb 8, 2009

"Guerilla Pop" by LABORATORY -- Free Internet Demo-Album (2008)

cover Design: Ana Tabatadze

music: laboratory
style: experimental pop, trash, eurasian urban


1. Accidental Lover Boyz --Awake (04:44) [experimental]
2. Accidental Lover Boyz -- Helicopters propeler (03:33) [electronica, second hand techno]
3. Accidental Lover Boyz -- Morning DreamZ Deconstruction (05:16) [experimental, noise]
4. Dream Laboratory -- Forever Dreams (03:27) [experimental]
5. Dream Laboratory -- I Can See The Sun (04:51)
6. Parfiumeria -- junky reggae (03:52) [junky :) ]
7. Kung Fu Junkie -- Apb37 (02:48) [electronica, pop, dance, second hand techno]
8. Kung Fu Junkie -- Yo J (04:10) [trash, hip-hop, experimental]
9. Leader -- რძე არის თეთრი (Milk is White) (02:49) [just trashy track]
10. მინდა და ვთხრი -- ჩაყავი თავი უნიტაზში (01:46) [punk]
11. მინდა და ვთხრი -- მე და ჩემი ყლე (02:13) [angry punk]
12. Mona Liza Overdrive -- Endless Party (03:29) [alternative, punk]
13. Nothing Fm -- Mouses (06:16) [experimental, weird]
14. Nothing Fm -- Nothing Fm (04:39) [trip-hop]
15. სპანდერა და კომპარტია -- დგარავინას 02:07 [post punk, electronica, second hand techno]
16. სპანდერა და კომპარტია -- ნიშშუქანი 03:25 [post punk, electronica, second hand techno]
17. Urban Skyz 5iles -- Mr Policman (02:31) [experimental pop, electronica, eurasian pop]
18. Who The Fuck Is Jack Bauer -- Dimedrol Light 02:32 [trash, eurasian pop]
19. Who The Fuck Is Jack Bauer -- რემბოს ცდუნებანი [trash, pop, hiphop]
available for free downloading:
special thanX: David Makaridze

Feb 3, 2009

"ContrAlive" -- Lab Project on Tv -- Indiependent Georgian Music

"ContrAlive" is a rubric of the ONLY georgian TEEN tv "OUR EXPRESS".
CONTRALIVE promotes unknown indiependent georgian musicians and performers.
project author: Beska (ELY)

so here's the listof videos CONTRALIVE madef or this time:

1. Accidental Lover BoyZ – Mi Fa Re

2.Vietnam Radio – Break the System

3. Nothing FM – Nothing FM

4. Urban SkyZ 5iles – Mr. Policeman

5. minda da vtxri – Thrust your head into Toilet (the bands name "minda da vtxri" is some kind untranslatable word compilation, it's just like "idig Cos' I Want to do it")

6. Eko da the Parallel Generation -- Father (kiss me my President)

7. Spnadera da kompartia – one track from short experimental film “CRU”


Kung Fu Junkie – BioRobot
Nothing FM – With Others


Body: Laboratory
year: 2006
location: tBiLisi. Georgia

Software 2013

1. Once we were all experimented on. Then doctors became extinct like dinosaurs, and we were left alone. Yet, it is uncertain whether the docs have really died out or it is another trick or experiment of theirs. One way or another, we – the patients have seized the deserted laboratory and keep running the started experiments.

2. Free art and unlimited experiments – is the main philosophy of the lab patients. The laboratory is ready to stick to the operating mode in the post-apocalyptic system. The lab explores the most fundamental problems of an individual and the Present and the tunnels of reality. The lab also studies the methods of constructing and deconstructing the reality.

The laboratory is interested in:
Schizophrenia, autism, nuclear sunrises, cosmic migration, euthanasia, loneliness, drugs, theories of conspiracy and paranoia, cybernetic perspectives, revolt of the third world, embryonic dreams, coma, post-biological abilities of a human being, totalitarianism…
Laboratory knows that you fucked up morons… oh, yes!


The list of laboratory patients is as follows:
[Patient 0 _ Z0mb! Patient 3x9 _ Paris Lee Patient Minus Infinity _ Vodka boy Patient 13 _ Paata Shamugia Patient 1 _ Ana Tabatadze Patient Eight squared divided by sixteen -- Acorn Guy Patient Nothing -- Beska Patient 69 _ Unperceivable]
The numbers and wards of other patients are vacant so far.

4. The patients of the deserted lab feed on the yellow pills of futurism, red pills of dada and light-red pills of situationism. They study and spread the consequences and experience of the saint patients of psychedelia. We love experiments, sex, wrong films, postmodern girls and Kindzadza - the most "pilled" film of the Soviet experiment.

The goals Laboratory is trying to achieve are:
a) Introduction of S.M.I(2).L.E. and D.I.Y. principles.
b) Numerous activities, concerts, spreading of man-made media viruses (including the activities to support the yet unborn first Georgian astronaut, physo-geographic tours and concerts with the participation of Eurasian (and not only) experimental, pop and alternative groups).
c) Formation of alternative flow of information_
journal, forums, web-site, recording studio, radio, etc.

The project-viruses of the laboratory already in action are:
[psychotropic poetry -- Patient 0, imperativism -- Patient 13, fragmented prose -- Patient minus infinity, illegal KOSMONAVTIKA – Patient 0 & Patient 1]

music bands:
[Accidental Lover BoyZ,Nothing FM,Urban SkyZ 5ule,sმინდა და ვთხრი,სპანდერა და კომპარტია,Who the FUCK is Jack Bauer?]

d) Experiments on the ontological fundamentals of the civilization, experiments on the key codes of the culture, such as: standard physics, family, moral, economy, taboo, art, religion, justice… Laboratory has the ambition to be all-absorbing. Laboratory is the Antonin Artaud's "Theatre of Cruelty". Laboratory is the womb, where progressive mutations ripen. Laboratory doesn't give a FUCK to Vano Merabishvili[
minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia], Laboratory demands legalization.

5. We are living in the country which is underground the world. We are just 20 years old, and we have already been through war, fear, dark, cold, drug-addiction, alcoholism, missing pals and three vain, attempted experiments of building the State.

We are just 20 years old, but we already have accumulated enough hatred, mistrust and yearning for warmth to dance on the ruins.

We do not talk to our country – we talk to the whole planet!

And now, in anticipation of the coming wars and cosmic migrations we, patients, take hold of the laboratory, as the doctors are gone.

We believe that the religion of future is cosmic religion (entropic, situationist, vigorous, free of dogmas or priests).

We place an individual above countries and politics.

An individual is fear. An individual is a project.

An individual is the one who has seized the station and hesitates over pushing or not pushing the red button to launch atom bomb.

This is an orgasmic-existential approach.