Apr 22, 2010

the Club of the Archaic Games - the city in the city

the Club of the Archaic Games "R'Lyeh" is a social experiment+ art project + small,private business :]]
by ELYen Igroig Giorgi [MkUltra], based in Kutaisi, west Georgia.

R'lyeh is TAZ[temporary autonomous zone] of Gaming for the little children,
full of spirit of really old PCs and old classic PC games such as Doom II, Diablo, Mortal Combat, Alien Trilogy etc.
The club is an experimental learning space for his owner - Igroig, who calls it - "the city".

in the beggining of the project he wrote
where he made clear the reasons of the "city", main goals and how he sees the process of existence of the city.

we will visit R'lyeh soon and show you the city from the inside + interview with it's constructor.

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