Sep 29, 2010

Futurenaut 3.0. ELY-ens at Artisterium 2010

ARTISTERIUM 2010 - "Imagine the Future".
3rd Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events. October 2-10, 2010.

ELY-en Next participates at Artisterium 2010, with a project called "FUTURENAUT 3.0".

project Futurenaut is a symbolic, interactive exploration in the fields of Digital immortality and Body[gene] sharing and containts 2 main actions:

1. constructing "false" personality, which never existed. making the memories, dreams, aims and ideas of New Personality, called DILA as a multimedia data for novel character. Uploading the data to preserve it Forever, or to the nearest Future through the Internet.
2. Searching the Body, Flesh [genome] for created Person, through the Live Process at Artisterium 2010.
" — 23 empty flasks and tubes for saving bio-materials for the future body of Dila. people will be asked and be free to share their saliva, sperm and blood within the exhibition of Dila’s deconstructed consciousness. futuristic bio-altruism for artificial, written mind-file."

for general concept please check the web-site:

Participate, SHARE your flesh, preserve your body,
collaborate with Unknown Consciousness
Now and in the Future,become FUTURENAUT
and get a Certificate!

17:00 – Imagine the Future, Artisterium 2010, opening, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi History Museum Karvasla;

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