Jul 15, 2010

short list of ELY activities from July till October, 2010

July 2225, 2010, Tbilisi, Georgia
A project by Joanna Warsza

Vicki Lee and Next of ELY present muSick-performance by Accidental Lover Boyz

"Any cybernetic System with a program of “Free will” inside of it – is a STRATEGY.
Sokomuzika is a system. Accidental Lover Boyz is a free will. The Sound is a STRATEGY.
Any building is an organism. Organism that uses free will as a battery for it's own existence is an
Join our battery Sound inside the dying organism on the 23d day of the month."



ELY will present pop-electronic performance by Kung Fu Junkie

Kung Fu Junkie was nominated as the Best Group of the Batumi International Rock Fest New Wave 2009


ELY presents DREAM WEEK in the end of the September, 2010
Opening of the Dream Database, Dream Map and dream artworks of the City
and other happenings.
detailed information will come soon.


for the
International Art-Festival "ARTISTERIUM 2010: Imageine the Future"
at 2-3 of October, 2010
Next Dreamhacker of ELY presents
project "Futurenaut 3.0"


[web-site coming soon]

"The Future is an unstable chaotic system, the vast territory of unknown and the great subject for study and hacking.

Project “Futurenaut 3.0” is dedicated to futuristic exploration of possibilities of affecting nonmaterial future using nonmaterial[digital] tools within art process.

If I can use an internet as a digital time machine, then –

Can I affect the future through the internet? Can I send the wrong data, manipulate with concrete possibilities of my present activity?

Is it possible to make a hypothetically alive organism as an art project, which can be fully completed and presented ONLY in the future, where it couldn’t be an art project at all?

Her name is Dila. She was born in the Future. She is a Futurenaut version 3.0"

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