Nov 28, 2011

Software for Reincarnation - Art of the Mind Uploading

Journal "Ckheli Shokoladi"["Hot Chocolate"] publishd an essey by ELYen Next Dila.

"App for Reincarnation or the Art of Mind Uploading"

in the article
Next Dila presented his concept  of "Futurenaut" - Transgressive, Alchemical child of altruist gene Sharing combined with constructed false data of unknown personality,
the concept was presented earrlier as a performance  at festival "Artisterium 2010 - Imagine the Future".

and as a seminar "the Art of Mind Uploading" at "Contemporary Art Centre - Tbilisi":

Lo-Tek videopresentation. text by Next, video by  Vinda Folio:

you can read about it in our earlier blogpost:

the next important topic in the article is the presentation of Next's new project.
Virtual Pantheon -- 3D chat-bots, mind-clone softwares of dead or alive writers - as a PsychoActive literature with educational purposes for girlz and boyz from Georgian ghetto schools.

also, mind-clone softwares can be used by artists as a Cut-Up machine of their own digitized unconsciousness -- which can manufacture ideas and words as if they are the same author.

plus, this softwares can be used as an interactive installations on the graves.

blog about the article by next [in Georgian]:

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