Nov 28, 2011

KFj -- Single "Yoshiwara Bitch"+perofmance @Night Office

KFJ appeared on a cover of georgian art-magazine "Tabula Art"
with a demand of Total Legalisation

+ KFj published first Single "Yoshiwara Bitch"

1) Yoshiwara Bitch
2) Yoshiwara Bitch (Extended version)
3) Yoshiwara Bitch (Instrumental)
4) In Da Yoshiwara Club
5) Go Boyz! (Bonus track)

Videos from the Presentation:

Tv-interview [the day before the performance, pranks with journalists]

Lo-Tek video-advert for performance[made by Vidna Folio - director, philosopher and guitarist of KFJ]:

CHINESE GIRL - live at Night Office

YOSHIWARA BITCH - live at Night Office

The ending of performance @Night Office

you can find KFJ's photosessions for the journal:
 HERE #3

HERE -Gagarin

HERE - Synagogue

photos from photosession are made by Khatuna Khutsishvili


other photos from performance:

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