Feb 24, 2009

Eurasian Tour (Tbilisi-Kutaisi-....) [2008]

tour was absolutely made by our own finances and enthusiasm. DIY tour should take place in every city of caucasus. the tour was FAILED after the second STEP in Kutaisi. the next step was planned in Batumi, but before the batumi event - bombs was dropped near us. russian-georgian war. so we decide to stop tour.

tour idea: z0mb [Next]
posters by: ana tabatadze

Eurasian Tour. Step 1: Tbilisi.
2008. 26 may [the day of indiependence of Georgia]. picturepalace "Amirani".

part one:
1. z0mb -- seminar "Destruction of Reality"
2. Leo Nafta -- poetry
3. laboratory movies (there was some technical problems, so we ould perform only 2 short-movies)
part two:
4. Nothing FM (live music performance)
5. Accidental Lover BoyZ (noiZzZzZzZ performance: Anka was playing piano, z0mb was playing with guitar effect, Grinch aka Paris Lee aka MurtaZ was making a holy rithm of nothing)
2008. 6 July. "Central Gallery".
the situation in Kutaisi was a little difficult. our friends from Kutaisi asked us to delete from our progrram the movie called "Patricius", cos' it conteins a nude scenes, so they say people is not ready for this and we could have a BIG problems. We heard that there wasn't any contemporary experimental events in Kutaisi for 10 years.

so we destory our program and this event was SPONTANOUS and very AGRESSIVE.


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