Feb 3, 2009

"ContrAlive" -- Lab Project on Tv -- Indiependent Georgian Music

"ContrAlive" is a rubric of the ONLY georgian TEEN tv "OUR EXPRESS".
CONTRALIVE promotes unknown indiependent georgian musicians and performers.
project author: Beska (ELY)

so here's the listof videos CONTRALIVE madef or this time:

1. Accidental Lover BoyZ – Mi Fa Re

2.Vietnam Radio – Break the System

3. Nothing FM – Nothing FM

4. Urban SkyZ 5iles – Mr. Policeman

5. minda da vtxri – Thrust your head into Toilet (the bands name "minda da vtxri" is some kind untranslatable word compilation, it's just like "idig Cos' I Want to do it")

6. Eko da the Parallel Generation -- Father (kiss me my President)

7. Spnadera da kompartia – one track from short experimental film “CRU”


Kung Fu Junkie – BioRobot
Nothing FM – With Others

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