Mar 9, 2009

illegal KOSMONAVTIKA. 2008.

"illegal KOSMONAVTIKA" is a strange coctail concept by Next!
the main text of illegal KOSMONAVTIKA is here (georgian)

8 march, 2008.
Brose Square, OpenSeminar- performance

seminar by Next
poster by Ana Tabatadze

12 april, club "1001"
Seminar, live instalation, digital music, videoart, live theatre performance
poster by Ana Tabatadze (taba)
seminar -- Next Dreamhacker
music -- accidental lover boyz (mr. Grinch aka Paris Lee)
performance by psychonauts: z0mb, ana tabatadze and leo nafta.
nafta was a biorobot, taba was a COMET of WISH, test of the lost cosmonauts, and zomb was real astral disaster, destroying his favourite old soviet piano for children. :)
illegal gifts for people. gifts was made and designed by ana tabatadze.

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