Mar 27, 2013

max - st★rs in kitchen

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max-st★rs in kitchen from max machaidze on Vimeo.

for anka ^^
morning dust of evergreens
cosmo wars through your existence 
galaxies and eversince
im met your solar astro systems
i cant resist this
wanted to talk and walk
but still dont know what this is
lunar hugs and solar kisses
inner diamond parts and pieces
bodys here but soul is missin, leapin
through smoke that we share...
plus i see your dreams when sleepin
breath with atoms of your air
blue and violet face expressions...
and the eyes, and windy hair..
your my soul system fashion
i start tripping from your stare
kick to the snare
heatbeat measures
deed sleep treasures
louder than a distant blare
somewhere somehow..
i love you, blurry sleepy eyes
mid october walking slow
your my ship through trippy nights
soul spaceship through solar flow
memories and bits an traces
as the city lights glow
airplanes and the common faces
magic mushrooms in my soul
i hear the sounds of the
old buildings and sinking ships
running visions on your eyes
shining stardust on your lips
trips trough thinking cycle
dream crosses while soul sleeps
smell of growing martian roses
hiding deep down in your dreams
sit around abandoned cosmo rocket
talking on the second stream
unlock the locket,
eat the raspberry icecream
roll up tobacco, smoke,
drink tea on roof at night
talk about science fiction
windy valley flying kite
your my cycle psychaddiction
the media
the stars in kitchen
libia, tokyo
and kyoto and solar flow
L.A. and atlantis
im searchin..& will find the answers
sweet acid seashore
somehow you glitter more
on 4 knocks open up the glass crystal door
i cant resist
i cant presist
when you be around its like
winter through the snow
cold breezy nights glow
i wanted to tell before
but i messed up
im scared to loose ya
pressurestressed up
dont wanna confuse ya
trippy trippy lullaby
ilussion of nausea
unusual of usual
casual mornings
fallacy and fantasy and trippy storys
your the dust of dry clouds in my room
the cosmo ultra violet
rockets shooting boom boom
cant help it, love you twice in a row
or three times or more
in depths of the microcosmos or further down bellow
spaceship flow
through galactic disorder
reorder my thoughts
only dust from soul border
heart folder full no space
stop my pace

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