Mar 27, 2013

KFJ - Summer in the Sky [EP]

Kung Fu Junkie - Summer in the Sky [EP]

1. Summer in the Sky
2. Didxans Gelodi [saxe remake]*

Listen and Download.

all tracks are written and produced by Kung Fu Junkie
Next DreamHacker - lead vocals
Trippy Boy - music, vocals
Tima - guitars, vocals
Max Machaidze - MC
*guest: ia ^^ - vocals
*original track is written by "Sakhe"

special thanks to
Dato Doidze & Nikakoi who helped us 2 record sessions at there home studios <3 br="" nbsp="">thnx 2 ToKa of "Vitamin" 4 such a cool mastering ^^ respect 2 "the beatnik brothers"
BIG THNX 2 all the KFJ family - nothing can split us apart!
and to all the Junkie Nation - WE DANCE OR DIE! ☆


released 28 July 2012

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